Friday, September 25, 2009

Inspirational Design Talent: Amy Morris

I was first introduced to Amy Morris through the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles bathroom design contest:

This is such an exquisite vignette, with the freestanding tub, the beautiful French style mirror behind the tub (reminds me a bit of the work of Kerry Joyce, with an Atlanta twist), the petite French chair, and the side table with my favorite flower - tulips. The bathroom has wood floors, a bathroom trend I am seeing more and more. What's not to like about this picture? Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles has a particular strength at identifying and promoting the best new emerging talent in the Southeast design scene; based on this picture, I decided to check out the designer's web site. Be prepared for some beautiful never before seen images!


Designer Amy Morris clearly she has an incredible eye and a great talent for creating beautiful spaces. This is the image that greeted me at the front page of Amy's website, and it was a wonderful introduction to Amy's work - overall neutral, with texture and interest. I love the lines of the bookshelf, the mixture of seagrass baskets with parchment books, glass paperweights, and architectural fragments. The amazing photography of Emily Followill makes the vignette even more beautiful (all images by Emily Followill, used with permission from the designer).


Another vignette from the front page of Amy's site, with a combination of some of my favorite elements: the symmetry of two lamps, flowing silk curtains, a lyre back chair (a musical shape that I love), and the 'x' motif in a beautiful desk.


Amy likes to mix it up in her designs, and often uses great abstract art with treasured family pieces and wonderful finds at local haunts like Scott's antique market.


Another space where Amy made a charming and completely unique vignette that defines the entry to the home. I love it when a home has a long wall like this in an entry - it makes for so many possibilities on the decor side of things!


Amy worked with Atlanta design star Barbara Westbrook for five years before starting her own firm in 2005. From Barbara, she gained an appreciation for traditional and French modern design, although she describes her current direction as transitional design with a clean, fresh, and eclectic style.



I absolutely love the style of this room, as seen from different angles. It is richly colored and very sophisticated; although I usually gravitate to a lighter palate, there is something about this room that makes me want to pick a room in my house and make it cozy and gray. The dash of teal in the antique chair is a perfect balance.


Another bathroom where Amy uses a full length mirror leaning against a wall, also set behind a free standing tub. I love how the color of the tub is a perfect match for the color of the fabric in the shade.


I originally thought that this was part of the same bathroom, but the floor is much darker. The same color in the fabric of the window treatment is used, which is carried through to the charming chair at the vanity.



This is a great casual dining area, with its slipcovered chairs, grass planter on the table, and glass lights hanging from ropes.


Here is a kitchen designed by Amy. There are so many interesting elements going on here - the beams on the ceiling (adding that great third dimension to the space), the layout on the far wall, with no cabinets, two windows on a wall done entirely in tile, a giant clock, the two lanterns above the island.


Based on the beams, I am guessing that the previous three pictures are part of the same house. I love the contrast of the trim color on the doors.


A powder room, which is so rarely seen in magazines and portfolios. This one is charming.


A sophisticated bathroom designed by Amy.


What a great use for a small wall in a stairway. The four ebony medallion reliefs look like giant intaglios. Does anyone know what these are called? I love the settee along the stair wall too; the pillows provide a little dash of color.


This is my favorite picture from Amy's website. I am not sure if it is the bed - one of my favorite styles, by Lewis Mittman - or the intaglios hanging above the bed - or the combination of all the elements, but it is definitely a design that speaks to me.

For more information on Amy Morris' work, please visit her website. Amy is one of the featured designers in the upcoming Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Christmas House; she will be designing a bedroom. Based on everything I have seen on her website, it will be spectacular!

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