Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I am going a little off topic to spread the word about my new favorite show: Glee. Have you seen it? It is a wonderful mixture of adult soap opera, high school drama (which, despite being in my late 30s, I have an unreasonable love for high school shows), comedy, and musical. I love it, and look forward to Wednesdays when it airs on Fox. I even watch it live - virtually unheard of for me in the age of 'on demand' tv and TiVo.

Here is the trailer:

And a great clip:

All previous episodes (there are just a few) can be seen on the Fox website, just click here. Watch the pilot first to get the background of the show (although I didn't do that - I watched the second episode first and had no trouble). Welcome to the Glee club - once you watch you will be addicted!