Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Luxurious Interior Design Restaurant by Ralston & Bau

toilet_design_restaurant The latest restaurant design by Ralston & Bau is an intimate space in Paris that is dedicated to a balanced fusion of Japanese and French gastronomy. “Sous les Cerisiers” (under the cherry trees) is an invitation to taste the delicious cooking of Sakura. Both cultures have influenced the theatrical interior concept. The classic opera and geisha cultures from France and Japan can be seen in the scenographic layers, costumes and shadows cast throughout the interior. A contrast of dark and light spaces divides the room: the bright area with the bar as a center point is used for cooking courses during the daytime, and the dark part, following a perspective angle, including a VIP space to enjoy a gastronomic menu at night. restaurant_graphic_design colorful_interior_design_restaurant luxurious_decorating_restaurant luxurious_decorating_ideas

Design Interior showroom - Nike

wooden_nike_showroom.jpg Set in the Jewish quarters of La Marais, this small store pays homage to the heritage of the space (Jewish Bookstore) by adopting part of its original interior and personality. The original facade is kept and refreshed. Features of the interior such as the tiles, ornaments and handles have also been restored. Sports cues such as gym equipment, colors, materials and even sports books provide a Nike tone of voice and a backdrop of Nike Sportswear products.The graphics are inspired by the Nike icons which is playfully integrated with Parisian landscape and lifestyle. On the first floor is a Nike ID space and exclusive NSW apparel offering. shoes_and_fashion_showroom nike_sport_wear_rack nike_showroom_design nike_shoes_showroom Design: Nike Brand Design EMEA