Monday, October 26, 2009

Garmin - Colorful Interior Design Restaurant By India Mahdavi

Germain is a three storey Parisian restaurant designed by Iranian-born and Paris based architect, India Mahdavi. The main characteristic of the restaurant is a massive yellow sculpture of a woman in an overcoat and high heel. Its lower half stands on the cafĂ©’s first floor while the upper body and head break through the ceiling to the upper level VIP lounge area. Germain restaurant interior was designed with various color combination such as yellow, brown, and red as a furniture color, and the wall was colored in white and blue, it’s a fascinating and beautiful restaurant design.

Luxurious Interior Design Apartment By Alvhem

The lavish Scandinavian look interior design by Alvhem, it’s a 30-century apartment with spacious living room, beautiful views and stunning furniture arrangement inside. The dining room and living room are bound together creates best social relationship between them, on the dining room there’s a bookshelves with huge book collection, it’s a library inside the dining room.

Modern Interior Design With Beautiful Japanese Garden

Lloyd Wright is a guy who designs this beautiful house, located in Los Banos, the house was built on 80 acre on the fertile farmland, California. That’s a historical ranch style residence built in 1961, and then renovated as well so it transform into an exotic house features concrete slab wall, mahogany wood windows, doors, trims, and walls, interior cabinetry, and more. This 3,800 square feet house has six bedrooms, four and a half baths, dining, kitchen, a walk-in living room fireplace, a three-car carport. The house feels emitted a calm atmosphere both of the exterior and interior decoration, outside you’ll see a beautiful Japanese garden with a Koi pond, swimming pools and waterfall. Awesome and that’s the one of my dream house.