Thursday, October 29, 2009

Architectural Design Of 4th Gymnasium by HVDN Architects

Architecture_design_of_4th_gymnasium.jpg In 2007, it has been decided that the 4th Gymnasium will get a place in the new area of the Houthavens. However, it will take some years before the permanent school is built. Until that time, the coming five to ten years, an interim building will be used. To give the building the same qualities as the new housing estate, it is built in a modular system, in order to make it is possible to use it afterwards on several places in Amsterdam. To create an enclosed inner space in this open area, the program is situated around a court. The sport facilities with a gym and fitness are situated behind the education building. Besides the court, the 4th Gymnasium has an open schoolyard, a sport field and it can use the present beach. This way all the qualities of the Houthavens are very well used. The 4000 m2 building is besides the profession rooms provided with modern supplies, such as a media centre, an auditory and a large auditorium. The court is the heart of the school. Both in the courtyard and in the circulation space, which is situated adjacent to the court, movement will take place during daytime. In the inner courtyard seats are made by which the court is an perfect sheltered spot for students to meet. The hallways around the court are used for the movement between lessons, to go from one classroom to another. Much attention has been given to the charisma of this circulation space. This space is made very transparent and provided with bay-windows with study spots and sitting areas where students and professors can study or work quietly. Detail_design_of_4th_gymnasium.jpg Interior_design_of_4th_gymnasium_building.jpg 4th_gymnasium_area.jpg