Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Speak, I Listen

A few weeks ago, I did a post on my entry transformation. I invited readers to give me honest feedback, and I heard from at least a dozen of my readers with constructive tips on how to improve the space. Most of the feedback from my readers was about the disconnect between the chair in the corner of the entry, and the art that is on the wall nearby. There was a sense that the two should be connected in some way.

This was how I started out. The chair is in the corner, all alone.

At first I tried this set up. The small table is an antique that belonged to my husband's great-grandmother; it was in the living room next to a large bergère chair. The small table is not in great shape, as Ben the dog has knocked it over at least four times with his tail. Perhaps this new location will protect it a bit more! I like how this looks, but wonder whether two chairs makes my entry too crowded.

This is how it looks with one chair and the side table (I polished up the silver top for this picture!). I prefer this look because it does not crowd the entry, but this might be because I am only used to seeing one chair in this space. What do you think?

Look at this...I move the table, and Ben follows!

Update: here is the chair on the other side, requested by a reader!

At this point, you are probably tired of reading about my entry (I am too!). My next home transformation post will be my bedroom; I am having some pillows made, then the bedroom will be in good enough shape to post.

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